Copē Burtniekā nakšņo kempingā


Camping cottages available from 01. May to 31.October!

Children under 5 years of age overnight in cottages for free.

Camping cottage is at your disposal 15:00 the day of arrival until 12:00 the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed with the camp administrator.

Please notice! Guests arriving camping cottages after 18:00. Please inform about the delay by phone+371 29461455; otherwise, cottage reservation will be canceled.

Campinghäuser läuft von 1.Mai bis 31. Oktober! !

Kinder von 0 – 5 jahre kostenlose Unterkunft.

Camping Kabine Ihnen von 15:00 Uhr am Tag der Anreise bis 12:00 Uhr am Tag der Abreise.