About us


Rest near the picturesque Lake Burtnieks
in the camping „Ezerpriedes”

The 4th biggest lake in Latvia – Burtnieks is located only 130 km from Riga in the very heart of the North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve. The lake Burtnieks will give you the magical power of his waves and the mysterious glitter of the sunset. Enjoy the calm and peace of the untouched nature, wild animals and beautiful birds while you have a rest in the pinewood on the lake coast. It’s possible only here – in the Camping “Ezerpriedes”!

The name of the camping – EZERPRIEDES  – has a  special meaning  in latvian, which describes the nature, place and the beauty of our camp. EZERS means LAKE  and PRIEDES means PINE TREES.  So the name of  our  camping could  be like Pinetree camp on the Lake shore.

Lake BURTNIEKS is one of the most legendary lakes in Latvia.  If we believe in ancient stories, the  lake once landed on earth right from   the sky as a  large,  hissing  cloud. It happened after  it   heard  its  name  being called  out. Astijervs ( in  Latvian  – an Estonian lake, also  a tray) – the name given to  the lake   by the Livs living in  the territory.  Later, Latgalian tribes from   Tālava   began to refer    to  it as Burtnieks.  Perhaps, the name originates from an old bee-keepers  term, as the  soothsayers  (burtnieki)  carved  their   signs  of recognition  –   signs of ownership- in bee  trees.