Copē Burtniekā nakšņo kempingā

Hot tube

Room Description

Outdoor hot tub on the coast of lake Burtnieks. At the same time can be used for up to 8 people.


70.00 EUR / friends of the company, for more than 5 people.

25.00 EUR / first hour + 15.00 euros / each subsequent h using companies up to 5 persons.

35,00 Eur / tub romantic evening for two.

Tub depending on the temperature can be used as a hot water bath to roasted or as a cooling pool after the hot air (steam) bath. Bath tub is a way to be used outdoors in the fresh air. To heat up tub of hot air is used instead of heated water. Like traditional bath tub also distinguishes between the heating and cooling sequentially follow one another.  Cleanse the spirit and restores strength. It is a pleasant and exciting recreation, try and you will never forget it!